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What is it and why should I use it?
Travelflex is a new cryptocurrency that is aiming to solve the scalability issues that other coins like Bitcoin are facing at the moment. By using a complete new DAG based algorithm Travelflex isn’t just a simple clone or a token.
The block speed, for example, is 1 block per second, compared to 1 block per 10 min for Bitcoin. It will be a real Proof-of-Work (POW) coin that can be mined and runs on its own network unlike 90% of all the others coins.

Don’t be confused by the name Travelflex since the coins can be used for almost anything payment related, not just traveling.
Market Position

VISA can handle on average around 1,700 transactions per second (tps), call it a daily peak rate of 4,000 tps. PayPal, in contrast, handled around 10 million transactions per day for an average of 115 tps in late 2014. Today the Bitcoin network is restricted to a sustained rate of 7 tps due to the bitcoin protocol restricting block sizes to 1MB.

Recently with improvements, let’s imagine the blocksize doubled to 2MB, so the rate also doubled to 14 tps.

Bitcoin – 3 to 4 transactions per second for 1MB, 6 to 8 tps for 2MB (Cost= 2-10 USD+) for 1MB
Ethereum – 20 transactions per second (Cost= 0.01-0.1 USD+)
Paypal – 193 transactions per second average
Iota 500 to 800 transactions per second on average

Travelflex (TRF) – 1200 to 1400 transactions per second and this will get faster with more users. Cost of fees is zero!

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Key Features of Travelflex are:
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What is Travelflex?
The travel industry is one of the world’s largest industries, with steady growth every year. In 1995, about 520 million people travelled internationally. 20 years later, in 2015, this number had grown to 1,065 million people. The travel industry provides employment to more than 292 million people, which accounts for 10.2% of worldwide employment.
Travelers first paid with cash, then there were travelers cheques, and eventually there were payment cards to make financing your trip easier. With the development of better modes of transport and the invention of the airplane, reaching the other side of the world has become even easier.
Travelling has evolved in the past years, however, we at Travelflex believe we can take it to a higher level. Travelflex wants to connect the travel industry to blockchain, to make travel financially cheaper and more secure.
When you pay with Travelflex coins (TRF), you don’t have to worry about paying high fees for exchanging cash money, using the ATM or your credit card.
Your TRF can not be lost or stolen, unlike the cash money or your credit cards you are carrying to your destination. You will never have any problems with the ATM not accepting your debit card or even swallowing your card. Travelflex will come with its very own physical card that can be used at every ATM.
Furthermore, we want to install special Travelflex ATMs at major travel hubs, so you can print your TRF like travelers cheques and scan your cheques at our ATMs. The printed coins only work with your own pincode, so even if you lose your print-out, no worries, no one else can use your cheques.
Your credit card information can easily be stolen. When you hand in your credit card at the hotel, someone can easily copy your credit card information and use it for themselves at a later time. The information from the Travelflex card and Travelflex cheques can not be stolen, as they still need your own personal pincode to work.
When you make a payment to a hotel, TRF will work as an escrow. The coins will only be paid on the day of arrival, with your in-app approval. So, even if you arrive at your destination and it seems like the hotel does not exist or you are not receiving the service you were promised, you do not have to worry about losing money.
What’s more, mining TRF will be done through our mobile application. There will be no need for expensive hardware, CPUs, graphic cards or ASICs. Everyone with a mobile phone can mine TRF. The mobile application is a unique social application. It has a friendlist, an encrypted chat function and it can be linked to social media.
TRF does not just want to change the way you travel, we also care about changing the world. This is why we set up various wallets for charity. Every time you mine TRF, you will be able to donate some of the TRF to a good cause.
For more information on cryptocurrency, mining, blockchain and TRF check out our FAQ.
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Mobile application features
Everyone with a mobile phone will be able to mine the Travelflex coin (TRF) with the mobile application.
The mobile application has a built-in wallet. No need for an external wallet.
You will be able to add other users of the mobile application. You will have all your friends, family and other people in one friendlist.
You will be able to talk to friends, family and other users through the encrypted chat function.
Near field communication
You will be able to find other Travelflex users around you and start chatting with them.
Social media
You can link the application to social media. And when you do, you will automatically receive a mining bonus.
24/7 support
We have a team ready to help and assist you 24/7 through our live help chat function.
Whenever you mine new TRF coins, you will be able to donate coins to a wallet of your own choice.
ESCROW & price locking
Travelflex will keep your money safe until you accept the payment. It will also make sure the price is locked on the current market price when you activate TRF for payment.

Travelflex in the media

Q4 2016
The initial idea popped up in the visionary mind of the founder. The creation of a new cryptocurrency and related secured services and dedicated to the travel industry, imposed itself as a disruptive and haunting idea.
Q1 2017
Two cryptocurrency enthusiasts joined the founder and began setting up a team behind the Travelflex concept.
Q2 2017
An initial team had been gathered for the project and the concept was being outlined. Experts started to develop a beta version of the mobile application on both Android and iOS platform. The chat function was being tested and updated until it succesfully worked.
Q3 2017
The decision to base the company in Hong Kong was made. To be in the heart of one of the most dynamic markets in Asia-Pacific. Legal matters and financial transactions are being secured. The Travelflex logo and trademark are registered.
Q4 2017
Travelflex is setting up for the Initial Coin Offering. Final testing of the beta version of the mobile application is completed. The live chat team is ready to answer all your questions.
Worldwide launching of the Travelflex Initial Coin Offering. There will be 95,000,000 coins for sale, 5,000,000 coins will go to the Travelflex Bounty program. Unsold coins will be burned with proof of burning.
Q1 2018
Mining the TRF coin starts. The development of Travelflex cheques and cards is still in progress. Travelflex will be listing TRF on major exchanges for trading purposes.
Q2 2018
Printable cheques are available. Establishment of partnerships with leaders in the travel industries, to allow the Travelflex community to use their TRF in their transactions through booking services, airline companies and hotelchains.
Q3 2018
The Travelflex card is released and usable at ATMs. Loyalty programs are being developed. Partnerships with GDS industries will be initiated to allow more users to benefit from Travelflex services.
Q4 2018
DAG algorithm will be implemented. And the transition of the current Scrypt algorithm to DAG will be executed. The Travelflex card should be working as planned and will be accepted at more and more points.
Q1 2019
Travelflex continues to develop new relations with partners. This to give the coin more acceptance and use for the holders. The support team is still there for helping out when needed.
Q2 2019
The team will keep working on the existing applications. New ideas might have been born and in development. By this time, the cryptocurrency industry might become regulated and Travelflex is prepared with funds and lawyers if necessary to keep TRF 100% functional within the existing regulations. This holds the same for if special requirements are needed before this time.
Peter Hoogslag
Peter has been actively involved in the cryptocurrency space virtually since its inception in 2009. He wisely decided to concentrate on Bitcoin mining in 2011 and has been very successful ever since. Peter knows about every aspect of the cryptocurrency world, from mining and trading, through to cryptocurrency holding. With his vast knowledge in cryptocurrency he has decided to set up his own coin. TRAVELFLEX.
Bing Hayashi
Head of Engineering
Bing is our Head of Engineering. After receiving his Phd in engineering, he has worked as a back-end software developer and started working on blockchain technology and smart contracts in his spare time. He has been a computer engineer for PTT, Gas & Oil line operations.
Marcel Hoogslag
VP of Finance
Marcel had been a General Practitioner, before embarking in to finance. Prior to Travelflex, he has been responsible for managing every financial aspect of pharmaceutical companies around the world, ranging from the Netherlands and Thailand through to Italy. Right now, he is in charge of Travelflex’s finance and accounting operations.
Alex Putzolu
Blockchain Developer
Alex studied Computer Science & IT and he has been an active programmer. He gained interest in Bitcoin, blockchain and everything concerning the cryptocurrency space. His main focus is on blockchain development.
Yosui Kitahara
Core Developer
Yosui studied Information Technology at Murdoch University, Australia. He is responsible for everything concerning blockchain. He tests, builds, installs, repairs and maintains our blockchain based programs.
Andy Acataldi
Research & Development
Andy is our Head of Research and Development for all aspects in the cryptocurrency space. Andy’s major role is to research all up and coming opportunities for the company to expand upon which in turn will generate more opportunities for our clients.
Steve Baker
Steve is the genius behind Forex currency trading in which he started doing at the young age of 19 and is very successful in his field. He has the nickname of square eyes due to his addiction to the computer screen watching the movements of the currency markets. Steve eats, drinks and sleeps trading, hence his phenomenal skills in this sector and he has proven to be a valuable asset to the company since joining us in 2016.
Tineke Dekker
Graphic Designer
Tineke is our graphic designer. She has traveled all around the world and has been involved in various creative projects and gigs worldwide. She has been actively involved in cryptocurrency since 2014 and is very thrilled to be a part of this project; combining creativity, traveling along with cryptocurrency.
Jim Brouwer
Jim is our newest teammember. He is an all-round Webdesigner with extensive experience in e-commerce solutions. He is maintaining and improving the Travelflex website as well as all our related projects. Jim keeps everything up to date and assures the best usability for our visitors.
Pavel Capote
Being able to speak more than 3 languages, Pavel is in charge of the European and South American Travelflex pr-staff. Pavel oversees social media activity, along with managing and directing the internal and external communication of Travelflex.
Tukta Sangkham
Tukta is in charge of everything concerning marketing and communication in Asia. She is glued to her mobile phone, always checking in to her social media channels and keeping up-to-date to the latest information on cryptocurrencies.
Kittiya Prommao
Human Resources
Kittiya finished her Psychology Masters at the Chulalongkorn University. She has a keen eye spotting people’s strengths. At Travelflex, she is responsible for finding the right people to join our team.
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Travelflex is a growing business with employees all around the world. We need driven people who love a good challenge. If you would like to apply, please send your information (motivation and CV in PDF or doc format) to

If we think you could be a great asset to our team, we will get back to you. Right now we are still actively looking for the following:

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