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Desktop Windows Wallet

La billetera de escritorio para Windows, Mac OSX y Linux es una forma muy segura de almacenar sus monedas TRF. La billetera TRF permite el cifrado de ésta con una contraseña, lo que otorga varios beneficios. Protege sus monedas TRF en caso de que su computadora sea hackeada, su disco duro se dañe o sus archivos sean robados. El hackeador tendría que descifrar su contraseña para poder acceder a su clave privada y robar sus monedas.

  • Once you have downloaded the installer, run it to start the installation.
  • The installer will let you select the destination location (you can change the destination, in case you want to install the directory in another drive or folder). Click Next.
  • Then you will need to select the Start Menu folder (the default will be TravelFlex, but if you want to change this, you can do this here). Click Next.
  • In case you want a shortcut to the wallet on your desktop, you may tick the box. Click Next.
  • You will be shown an overview of the installation details. Click Install.
  • Wait for the installer to finish. This may take a few minutes. After the installation is complete, you can choose to Launch TravelFlex now. Click Finish.
  • Now you will get to the wallet software. Click Skip in the right corner or Got it at the bottom.
  • Tick the boxes after reading and understanding the Major Points and Terms Of Use. Then click Confirm & Finish.
  • If this is your first time installing the wallet, go with the default settings. Click continue.
  • You will be able to name your device. You can pick your own name or just go with the default name given to you. Click Continue.
  • After the welcome screen, click on Get Started.
  • You will see an overview of your wallet. Since your wallet does not contain any TRF coins yet, it will show the Start Sending TravelFlex screen. Once your wallet holds TRF coins, it will show the amount of TRF here and a transaction history.
  • Click on Receive to get your unique wallet address.


The wallet’s name is set to the default name: Small Expenses Wallet. To change the name of your wallet, go to the Menu and click on the dots next to your wallet. Click on Wallet Alias to change the name of your wallet.


The wallet is set to give you a new address after every transaction. It you want a single address, that always remains the same. Go to the Menu and click on the dots next to your wallet. Then click on the circle next to Single Address Wallet to enable a single address wallet.

Please also make a backup of your wallet and store it in a safe place (preferable not on the same computer). To make a backup, please see: